General terms and conditions – Van Haastrecht Advocatuur

  1. Van Haastrecht Advocatuur, also doing business as, has its registered office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is listed in the Business Register under number 58874720.
  2. These general terms and conditions apply to any and all instructions that are issued to Van Haastrecht Advocatuur (including additional instructions or follow-up instructions) and to the legal relationships arising from or relating to such instructions.
  3. Instructions are solely accepted and executed by Van Haastrecht Advocatuur. The effect of article 7:404 and article 7:407 paragraph 2 of the Dutch Civil Code are excluded. No rights can be derived by any third party from the work performed and the results arising from it.
  4. Van Haastrecht Advocatuur’s liability is limited to the amount that is paid out in the relevant case under Van Haastrecht Advocatuur’s professional liability insurance, plus the excess that cannot be charged to the insurer under the policy conditions. Information regarding Van Haastrecht Advocatuur’s professional liability insurance will be provided upon request.
  5. If, for whatever reason, no payment is made under the abovementioned professional liability insurance, the liability of Van Haastrecht Advocatuur will be limited to the fee Van Haastrecht Advocatuur has charged for the instructions concerned, up to a maximum of €100.000.
  6. Any claims and rights on any legal basis vis-à-vis Van Haastrecht Advocatuur in connection with the work performed by Van Haastrecht Advocatuur will in any event lapse one year after the time at which the party concerned (the client or a third party) knew or could reasonably have known that such claims and rights existed.
  7. The legal relationship between Van Haastrecht Advocatuur and the client is governed by Dutch law. Disputes between Van Haastrecht Advocatuur and the client will exclusively be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.
  8. Where possible and reasonable, Van Haastrecht Advocatuur will select the third parties to be engaged after consultation with the client but in any event with due care. Van Haastrecht Advocatuur is not liable for any failure on the part of these third parties. Van Haastrecht Advocatuur has the right to accept on behalf of the client any limitations of liability on the part of the third parties that are engaged by Van Haastrecht Advocatuur without prior consultation with the client.
  9. The provisions of these general terms and conditions were also drafted for the benefit of anyone who works or has worked for Van Haastrecht Advocatuur in the execution of the work (to be) performed.
  10. Van Haastrecht Advocatuur may revise its fees every calendar year and will notify the client in writing of such revisions prior to the beginning of the new calendar year.
  11. Van Haastrecht Advocatuur does not operate a “stichting beheer derdengelden”.
  12. These general terms and conditions have been drafted in Dutch and English. In the event of any differences in content or purport, the Dutch text will prevail.

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Under the trade name the practices with corporate personality Advocatenkantoor Virtu B.V. (KvK 34272334), Franklin’s Law B.V. (KvK 34251332), Van Haastrecht Advocatuur (KvK 58874720), SJHV Management B.V. (KvK 34233637) and ESB Legal B.V. (KvK 71726608) practice law. On all of our services our general terms and conditions are applicable, which terms and conditions contain a limitation of liability.
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